• Everyone saying that that kind of life is no more, Im 15 y/o ad I do it with my friends all the time, check my channel, everything recorded with my S7. Fun life ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Samsung Galaxy: A Perfect Day
    Samsung Mobile USA
    Samsung Mobile USA
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    Published on Nov 10, 2016
    New York City. A perfect day. A Galaxy of Possibility. Learn more: smsng.us/Possibility
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    Bass Nation
    Bass Nation1 second ago
    when i watch this video my heart hurts because i would love to have a life like that. just hanging with friends, exploring around without a care in the world, and the song helps it so much. it just makes me wanna cry.
    SF1414 months ago
    when i watch this video my heart hurts because i would love to have a life like that. just hanging with friends, exploring around without a care in the world, and the song helps it so much. it just makes me wanna cry.
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    troll13671 month ago
    SF141 my mom would never let my ass out the house without a grown up
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    TheDrDefianceProject3 weeks ago
    That lightskin dude with the VR headset is my friend Brent I didn't think he was seriously in this
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    Anthony4 months ago
    This is the type of childhood I've always wanted, friends who were close and chill with each other. instead I had friends who did super dumb shit and rarely cared about each other.
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    Arkady Papetno
    Arkady Papetno1 month ago
    ะบะพะด ะดะพัั‚ัƒะฟะฐ
    GK4 months ago
    First ad I bothered looking up, lmao
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    MILKdudeBOY1 month ago
    GK best ad ever Apple dosnt even stand a chance with this.
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    Brax Water
    Brax Water1 month ago
    GK you just looked up an ad, so why are you laughing your ass off?
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    Elyyy Emmm
    Elyyy Emmm4 months ago
    I'm obsessed with this ad for some reason.
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    d fox
    d fox1 month ago
    Elyyy Emmm thats because your a fucking libtard pussy.
    SugarSprinklesxox1 week ago
    d fox salty apple user smh
    EDMJEDI4 months ago
    wish I was still young with hipster friends who didn't care about anything but riding bikes on cool summer evenings through the boroughs of NY.
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    LeafLook4 months ago
    rich children ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Good GopherTV
    Good GopherTV1 day ago
    LeafLook nah man they in brooklyn its like middle class
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    Brian Granados
    Brian Granados4 months ago
    oh no guys… you were trying to pull a "Stranger things" feeling in here? nah nah nah.
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    G Sam
    G Sam3 months ago
    Why not a Goonies ripoff then, you jacknugget?
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    QUEX1 month ago
    more like E.T. You kids don't even know where the rip offs rip off from lmao
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    Eminent4 months ago
    this is the only ad I actually like watching. I remember when I was like them, then high school came…
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    Aaron Timm
    Aaron Timm1 month ago
    Your Mom Wards you don't have to have money to do this stuff.
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    Maxhaxburger4 months ago
    This made me wish I lived in the 80s-90s and have this childhood. ๐Ÿ˜ช
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    techstyle1231 month ago
    I did it was fuckin awsome ….bmx adventures in summer then off to cinema or maybe the arcade then playing consoles in a tree house …best times on my life
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    Alex Lรณpez
    Alex Lรณpez1 month ago
    Winter Time
    Winter Time4 months ago
    I wish life seemed so amazing as i did in this video but it just isnt its kinda sad
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    L JM
    L JM3 weeks ago
    Winter Time life is what u make it
    The mysterious Hat man
    The mysterious Hat man4 months ago
    I used to have a life like that I feel so sad now
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    Joseph Torreski
    Joseph Torreski4 months ago
    Ryan Gardner please don't let me reminisce
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    Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera4 months ago
    Best phone ever.
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    KCRoyals242 months ago
    I'm an iPhone 7 Plus user, but Samsung makes a lot of great phones besides the Note 7, but I have to give it up for Samsung for making the best commercial for a phone ever. The song and the childhood feeling makes the commercial.
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    Colby Lundgreen
    Colby Lundgreen1 month ago
    I would switch to Samsung so fast if the phones lasted longer! I feel like you only can have or for about 2 years before it gets REALLY slow
    Andres Dimas
    Andres Dimas4 months ago
    I wish I had friends
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    Bill Masi
    Bill Masi3 days ago
    Friends come and go. Be your own best friend. It's safer!!
    guts4 months ago
    Love the unity in the ad..amazing classy and wholesome,a rareity in this age.
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    SF1414 months ago
    guts yes indeed
    Huy To
    Huy To4 months ago
    These kids don't have to go to school. And they don't have homework to take care of.
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    Ayy_lmaow1 month ago
    Huy To prob summer break
    snakeguy 88
    snakeguy 884 months ago
    I would love to explore like that
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    Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez4 months ago
    snakeguy88 same(4
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    EasyBuckets3254 months ago
    yeah, with all your friends, doing whatever you want. that would be the life.
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    Tremontiislife4 months ago (edited)
    Came for the song
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    MaRod331 month ago
    Hey fucking hang yourself, the nada surf is so shitty and bland. The reason it sounds "horrible" is because it was experimental, it was the beginning of a new era of rock. Go listen to some the weeknd or some shit.
    LittyTitty4 months ago
    i wish New York City was actually like in this video lmfaoo. it's completely different especially the area where they have been filming, it's extremely wild and ghetto lmfaoo. if New York City was like in this video calm and friendly, it would be greatttttt
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    TuffZombieboii2 months ago
    LittyTitty for real it's crazy in ny
    TJ of Wakanda
    TJ of Wakanda1 month ago
    LittyTitty its just a damn commercial… don't over think it lol
    Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza4 months ago
    Hard to believe how the S7 was released in March and is still better than most other smartphones released later this same year.

    Can't wait to see what the S8 has in store for us, go Samsung!
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    Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza4 months ago
    +Sebastian Aquino I'm already using the Nougat 7 beta on my S7e so it would be almost unimaginable for the S8 to come with Android 6.

    The new Samsung ROM is amazing, smooth and FAST! I'm excited to see it's next iteration.
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    doge shibe
    doge shibe4 months ago
    Daniel Mendoza battery on it is amazing!
    Reply 2
    ArcDoes4 months ago
    I really love this ad to be honest, from the music to the ad itself. like holy shit, it's like a modern super 8 in NY.
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    Ayy_lmaow1 month ago
    ArcDoes yeah super 8 was a good movie

  • when i watch this video my heart hurts because i would love to have a life like that. just hanging with friends, exploring around without a care in the world, and the song helps it so much. it just makes me wanna cry.

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