Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Review – One of the best waterproof iPhone cases!


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Looking for day-to-day water protection that doesn’t bulk up your iPhone? Get the Atomic!

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This is THE waterproof case for day-to-day use. The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 is basically an aluminum bumper that you attach a front and back to. This case is only waterproof to 1 m…


  • Aaron,  I have subscribed and view the video's reviewing the H2O cases.  I started with the Hitcase pro and went from there.   I am returning to athletics after breaking my back.  I will be lap swimming, running/walking, fishing….etc….    In short, I'm at a loss…..   My Phone is iPhone6.  Please help, John

  • Hey there great video man! I know you've tested extremes, but I'm paranoid. I play dodgeball recreationally and competitively and I want to start recording videos of matches just for my own learning experience and to spread the awareness of the sport. We play from the softest ball being foam to the 8.5 hard rubber play ground balls you find in schools. Do you think this particular case could take all that impact were I to leave it by itself on a tripod?

  • Hi Man,
    I love your reviews, You didn't talk about the openings for the lightning cable, will it fit the Amazon Basic cables? or do I have to stick to the Apple-only cables?

  • Aaron,
     i looked at you web site but in your top 5 waterproof cases you don't list this one so i got 3 ? i use a griffin all terrain right now for my iPhone 6 PLUS but the screen is toast and its also letting in to much dust and starting to scratch my screen i tried lifeproof fre power and case broke the 1st drop and need a dust proof case so ? 1 would you still call it good every day case and take it over the griffin summit or (dog&wetsuit case with cinder glass ?2 do u think it would fit dose not need to be waterproof just dust and maybe lite rain?) must live a drop off a roof?… ? 3 having the terrain im sick of the pixelation to the screen so is the summit just as bad or better and is the atomic a lot better then both? sorry this is so long but thanks for the help

  • Hey Aaron since you asked I am forever a viewer, listener, customer etc. In formative, non biased, to the point and pretty entertaining considering the repetitiveness of the content you cover. Coming from a person who has accidentally had their I phones ran over by a car, in the ocean, wife washed in washing machine, left in the sun on a roof just to name a few! Thanks for the good work because I am that rare person who somehow just using my phone on a day to day basis needs to know that my case can protect my phone by being run over by a car. Your awesome and keep those reviews coming.

  • I just watched this video. I have never commented on a YouTube video before – I'm only commenting because it was, in fact, my 1st time watching one of YOUR videos! You said it would make you feel good……so…..FEEL GOOD! LOL! You did an amazing review and I greatly appreciate how you go over each feature individually and how detailed you are.

    So, now you know someone IS watching! I'll be subscribing after this! Hope to see lots of reviews, similar to this one, from you. I have a Galaxy Note 5 so I'm not sure why I watched this particular video as its a Ghostek iPhone review…🤔

    Anyhow, I'd be overjoyed if you could get your hands down on as many note 7 products as possible and post reviews on them all! I literally have dreams about that phone! Hopefully I'll be getting myself one by December! Thanks again for great reviews!

  • I just discovered your channel doing research on Life Proof NUUD for iPhone 6 Plus. I learned something very important from your video! I have a Tech Armor ballistic glass screen protector on my iPhone and thought it would improve performance. You proved the opposite is true! I thank you for that! I've watched several of your videos in the last two days and find them entertaining, funny and informative. I have subscribed and liked! I ordered a used NUUD from eBay to try out the case. Thanks again for your very helpful info and clever videos!

  • Hello, Really appreciate you taking time and reviewing all the tech products out there helping us the consumer make a more well informed decision. I recently returned a Lifeproof Fre case due to no one being able to actually hearing me during a call. So, I am on the hunt again! I've been looking at the Nuud case but I'm afraid I'll have the same problem with others hearing me on calls. What would be the best case out there as far as call quality and still protect my iPhone from elements? Was considering the Ghostek Atomic 2.0.
    iPhone 6s Plus.

    Thank you!

  • Don't buy this case for you iPhone 6 Plus!!! It stinks. I've had it for about 6 months and people can't hear me well. Everyone says I sound muffled. I waited off but never got better. Finally got the Lifeproof Fre and very happy with it….so far no complaints. It's a shame because I really like the look of Ghostek but sound problem and the silent button were really annoying.

  • Hey I really enjoy your videos! I just wanted to know if the screen protector on this case is worse or better than the lifeproof fre screen protector? Thanks 🙂

  • Great video and dude!!! u seriously did beat the sh#t out of that case 😀 😀 and I am impressed. I am looking for an iPhone 6s case to use on my motorcycle (which lets me use the iPhone as a GPS). I need it to handle a heavy downpour, which may go on from few minutes to couple of hours. Do you recommend this case, for protecting my phone for such kind of usage ? Also feel free to suggest something else, which is equally rugged and waterproof. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • I started watching your videos a couple of month before the iPhone 6s came out. You wanted to know if there were any new people watching your videos. I just wanted you to know that you do wonderful work. You cover all of the bases, and then you go another extra mile. You are to mobile devices, as kelly blue book is to cars. Thank you.

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